Family Portraits

Here below is the last, best picture we have of my entire immediate family, taken at Karen's wedding in summer 2009. My children and I look more or less the same today. From left to right: Ann, Alan [Scott], Karen (the bride), Reena [Curley] (matron of honor), and myself. The picture is reduced quite a lot from the original professional photograph to make it more suitable for web loading.

Greene family portrait, Karen's wedding


Karen, Nark and Michael Glenn Kaelon Curley, reading Consequent to the wedding picture, both my daughters have given birth to lovely boys. Karen was first with Michael Glenn, seen here with her husband Mark (left). This last summer (2014), Reena had Kaelon Curley (right). Ann was in the hospital, but did get to see Michael. She had died before Reena's pregnancy with Kaelon was confirmed.

So now I'm officially a grandparent, twice over. As of last summer, Alan is now married as well, and he and wife Annie are expecting a child in early 2016. As with the wedding picture, both these have been massively scaled down (thanks to GIMP) to be website friendly.

And now for the dogs ...

Greene family dogs, Sasha and Kaya ... and then there is the canine component of our family. Refer to the picture on the right. Sasha is the light-colored dog on the left, Kaya the dark one on the right. For possibly obvious reasons, I call this picture of the two in repose the "yīn-yáng dogs."

Below, aunts Kaya (center) and Sasha (right) are joined by Reena's dog, Cricket. Cricket is a bichon frise-shih tsu mix. They are modeling the latest fashion in dog life preservers for use on watery field trips.

As with the other pictures, the resolution of these two pictures has been severely reduced to reduce the time it takes to load. Anyone interested in the full resolution version of any of these images please e-mail me, and I'll return them (.jpg format) as attachments. Just be prepared to get several megabytes each in your in box.

Cricket, Kaya and Sasha